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It might come as a chock to many people, together with the Stewardesses, but the fact ashes that in today's Airline Industry, the Stewardess is the last line of defense!

In the 11th of September terrorist attacks, on the WTC and Pentagon, the first victims were the Stewardesses. Savagely attacked by the terrorist on their way to the cockpit's and angst-ridden to bully pilots, to comply with the terrorists demands.

More mundane, but daily occurrences in the Intercontinental Airline Industry, is disorderly passengers. Who endangers the shelter of co-passengers and the aircraft due to mental disturbances, alcohol consumption, stress or disregard for airline regulations, such as lasting seated for the duration of impression and hall etc. or smoking in prohibited areas on smokeless flights. Stewardesses are estimated to deal with these travails, as first responders and can if compulsory call on the Pilots for help, if the circumstances is away from their control. However, first the Stewardesses have to intervene and are often the victim, of verbal and animal abuse from the disorderly passengers.

After the 9-11 attacks pilots; must show precaution beforehand leave-taking the cockpit, to assist in encouraging or restraining disorderly passengers. The episode could well be a departure to get the pilots to open, the now protected cockpits, whereupon conspirators of the disobedient passenger/s will argument to get contact to the cockpit.

Onboard Security:

On the adulthood of flights, there are no Air Marshals, so harms have to be faced by the Stewardesses. Who both have deal with the affair on their own, or wait for the pilot or co-pilot to assist, or irregularly call upon the assistance from other passengers. As these problems, have been about for decades and will be in the future, it is easily crucial for the Stewardesses to catch exercise in Self-Defense and Arrest techniques. These skills be supposed to basically be part of the average Stewardess education program, with accepted retraining.

Stewardesses have not continually just been benefit minded, multi language, appealing women; when the Icelandic Airline was firstly established, all Stewardesses where previous Nurses, as that was brain wave to be necessary, in order to deal with any health check emergencies. My estimation is that today, a analogous alarm is valid and that is that the Stewardesses, be supposed to be able to deal with in progress confidence threats as well. It would also be wise, to carry on the flow trend of adding together more Stewards to the crews and preferable to the level of half of the crew.

To give the Stewardesses an extra advantage, a non-lethal bat such as a mini stun-gun or stretch baton, could be issued and used all together with cuffs etc. CCTV must be installed, with cameras sited in strategic positions, could be supplemented with RF frequency pen-type cameras agreed on the Stewardesses uniforms. Monitors be supposed to be place in all crew areas; this would give added security, not only to the Stewardesses but also to the pilots, who would be able to answer earlier, to a ability collateral menace from disruptive passengers or terrorists.

Now, some will argue that instruction Stewardesses, to deal with terrorist incidents are wrong and the focus be supposed to be on passenger and baggage collateral screening. To those I will say yes, I fully agree, to the must of pre-screening of passengers and baggage and an amplify in Airport collateral procedures is necessary. However, the in progress labors are alert primarily, on cleanly throwing in more defense personnel and assembly them national employees, which in actuality has done hardly to essentially add to security. This is a fact that is evident by the many cases of personnel moving weapons onboard aircrafts anyway.

This fact has frequently been proven by defense inspections, where defense agents, have boarded aircrafts with weapons and explosives etc. There is also the fact, that the Airlines often have hardly be in command of over the authentic Airport collateral and close to no-control at distant Airports. In many alien airports the airlines basically have to rely on the local defense and the rare inspections, by allowed institutions such as the FAA etc.

There is also the real threat, of terrorist co-operators effective inside the Airline ceremony industry, which has admission to the Aircrafts and could place weapons or bombs onboard the Aircraft, to be used by the terrorists. And finally, the violent disruptive passenger, will constantly be part of the background the Stewardesses faces. Perchance these incidents can be reduced, by enforcing senior penalties and prison terms on those who violate Airline set of laws in any manner. But these procedures are going to take time and meanwhile the badly behaved remains, in the hands of the Stewardesses; Our last line of defense!

Dan Sommer is the dramatist of the SD Agent, a Close watch Detection Manual, he has been part of the deal with of designing, implementing and exercise a SD team for a European Embassy. His 17 years defense career ongoing in 1986 and he has effective encounter from military, security, close protection, counteract assault team and following detection operations. Since 1994 the cause has been characters education material's for collateral companies and law enforcement departments. He has been instructing courses world-wide for guarantee officers, bodyguards, control officers, counteract assault teams and close watch detection units. Dan presently acts as the Global Administrator of the World Coalition of Bodyguards and has a concealed affair as a Collateral & Armor Consultant. His work can be viewed at his website http://www. DanSommer. Biz


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