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In large buildings to foil sound pollution often bend in half paned glass is used with music or flowing air concerning the panes, this works very well and is plenty to check the noise. Since many ad airliners have amplify paned glass before now if we are alert to watch the harmonics as to not cause structural harms to the aircraft (remember the Comet), then we aim hypersound or ultrasonic sound in the panes to avert laser light from ingoing the fight arena and inhibiting or blinding the pilots.

As we a moment ago saw with the Delta Airlines scare where the pilots were all but blinded by what they described as a laser light, we consider that this idea may be the answer.

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We have faith in such a badge could be certainly and cheaply built and installed in airliners. Such a contraption and use of hypersound might even be an alternative for those who fly into combat where THEL systems are guarding the region. Once seen by the enemy it maybe too late to dodge the lasers, as it takes such a small time to burn the retinas of a pilots eyes.

It is achievable that such a fashion may give the pilots a few seconds extra time to put on anti-laser head gear.

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