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Pay. You know that aviation pays change for the better than commercial, in most cases a lot better, but you aren't sure what the going rate is for a corporate air travel attendant. It might amazement you to learn that pay rates vary broadly depending on the type of account, your location, your responsibilities, experience, and more.

Over the years I have naked that the pay range is not set in stone. Typically, fractionals pay less than charter operators [Part 135] who pay less than owner financial records [Part 91]. Are there exceptions to this rule? Of course. Other factors as mentioned above can play a important role in decisive what you will make. These include:

* Location: commerce departure followers based faster to major municipal areas be in charge the chief salaries. New York and Los Angeles are the two most trafficked areas for classified flying. Concerning corporate moguls and Hollywood celebrities, the two city areas construct some of the most big amounts of hasty in big business aviation. If you are located in Pocatello or Burlington the likelihood of you decision work in the first place are remote, if a incomplete hand hires you and allows you to airline to reposition for your flight.

* Responsibilities: So, what are you? Will you be treated as a passenger who serves other passengers or will you be estimated to administer the full cabin from the fight arena door on back? Is there a differentiation in service? Yes, but in the perception of the ballet company doing the hiring there may not be. The in print job depiction may be at odds from what the job in reality requires. It may take quite a few interviews for you to find out if the business seats value on your cookery expertise, your security training, your allied job experience, etc. Generally, those companies looking for a big name with "no come into contact with necessary, will train" will pay less than those who state they want an member of staff who is up to date with their exercise and has flown for a come to of years.

Other questions to keep in mind: How often will you be flying? Will you be hasty amid set cities or nomadic internationally? How may days per month? How many soft days v. hard days will you have per month? Will you be on call? Will you be predictable to work in the agency on days off? Will you be predictable to "look after" offspring a/k/a play the nanny role when not flying? Will you be supervising other departure attendants?

* Experience: The more be subjected to hasty corporate, the better. Companies be supposed to reward you based on your affair hasty background, shelter and collateral training, cookery expertise, world languages if airborne internationally, management skills, associates skills, etc. Some companies compel that you act as a not public junior to the CEO. Extra compensation must be likely for these extra responsibilities.

So, what is the pay range? These records are not absolute, but the U. S. salaries that I have heard for corporate air travel followers falls into three broad categories. These are some indiscriminate salary ranges:

* Fractionals: 33K to 43K, corporate encounter not all the time required. These companies will train you to their specifications. One of the big pluses for fractionals is that you can live as a rule anywhere; at least one business will allow you to airline to meet up with the aircraft [they also let you accumulate and keep your aircraft miles].

* Charter: 45K to 75K, depending on place of aircraft and your experience. Much of what I've heard as the quoted salary is in the low to mid-50s range. Indeed, the NBAA chains this data with a hot appraise screening that the be an average of corporate departure attendant is paid just over 53K per year.

* Owner: 25K to 100K+. Let's not kid ourselves. There are companies that will be expecting you to jump by means of hoops to fly on their aircraft and for peanuts [and you know they don't serve peanuts to their passengers!] On the other hand, if you are a chief departure attendant your salary will in all probability start at 75K and can by a long way exceed 90K. The advanced salary can be predictable when you have a "VP" title and be in accusation of a number of departure attendants. Oh, by the way, don't not remember that you will be airborne in addendum to your company duties. . . guess who has to cover for sick employees when no one else can be found?

100K+?! Let's just say that this total is unusual, but I did authenticate 110K for one air travel attendant airborne globally some time back. Generally, never anticipate everybody to disclose their salary to you. . . why be supposed to they?

What about airborne contract? Wow. . . you had to ask. If I told you that you can count on an arithmetic mean of $300. - $350. per day plus per diem would that suit you? The amounts being paid for contractors vary just as far and wide as they do for full time air travel attendants. I have heard of escape followers airborne for $0 just to get the come into contact with and hours [how could a business alertly allow that to happen? Okay, dim question!] I've also heard of a air travel attendant building $600 per day airborne internationally. Agreement rates vary far and wide and depend, again, on your location, responsibilities, experience, etc.

Questions to ask yourself:

* What am I worth? If you think that the job qualities 60K per year, then you need to make a case for earning 60K per year. If the circle insists on paying 35K, guess what? You won't make whatever thing near 60K, you'll be crossed off their list and the character settling for 35K will get the job.

* What will I become calm for? Can I excuse the lower salary just to get some work? If I have flown for years and are enthusiastic to take a 20-25K pay cut, will I be able to live on the lower salary? Can I assume to renegotiate my salary once hired [don't make me laugh. . . ]?

* What payback can I expect? 401(k), medical, dental, vacation, sick/personal days, and the like are some of the anticipated reimbursement when effective full time. Other considerations: do they pay for uniforms? Is there a attire allowance? What about salary reviews/job carrying out reviews? Is there room for promotion? Can I ever assigning to a new account? Will they pay for my training? What is their guidelines on job termination/severance? Is this a category open environment?

The more you know about your needs, wants, and wishes already you are interviewed, the beat opening you will have to be adequately compensated. Find out what is crucial to you: i. e. , lower salary v. breathing where I want; job guarantee v. elevated pay; community visibility v. anonymity, etc. Stick with your ideology and act upon them while negotiating your next position. One final distrust to ask manually once a job offer has been tendered: can I live with for my part if I agree to this position?

Matt manages the Corporate Escape Attendant Area at http://www. corporateflyer. net and http://www. cabinmanagers. com The Aviation Employment Board is his most all the rage site at http://www. aviationemploymentboard. com


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