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The clandestine to hostility jet lag, and new at your destination with barely or no jet lag, lies in sound research well in develop of your date of travel. This, however, is only the foundation of your "anti jet lag" plan and all of your sound introductory work will be done in if you don't also guarantee that you be a consequence a conscious customary at some point in your flight.

Here are just five of the many clothes that you can do at some point in your escape to reduce, or eliminate, the possessions of jet lag:

1. Make sure that you get acceptable rest.

Many colonize find that they can't, or austerely don't want to, sleep for the duration of their flight. This is fine, while demanding to get some sleep can definitely be helpful. If you can't, or don't want to sleep, then you ought to at least make sure that you take the occasion to rest and be supposed to also try to plan your rest so that you will be aligned as far as is feasible with the time at your destination.

If, for example, your twelve hour escape will get you to your destination early in the morning, try to get some sleep at some point in the back up half of the flight.

2. Make use of simple, actual sleep remedies.

If sleeping at some point in the escape proves difficult, even with the use of such effects as ear plugs and an eye mask to help simulate nocturnal conditions, you may be tempted to alternative to the use of sleeping pills. Don't surrender to this temptation!

A conversation on the constitutional rights and wrongs of using sleeping pills is away from the scope of this commentary (although I do cover the area under discussion in depth in articles and in a different place on http://help-me-to-sleep. com) but, be sufficient it to say, that the use of sleeping pills at some stage in your getaway will add to the challenge of jet lag, instead than assist in plummeting its effects.

There are conversely a amount of actual sleep remedies existing today which can bestow a very actual solution. Of these chamomile and lavender, often taken in the form of a tea, are perchance the best known. If these don't work in your exact case, then a to some extent stronger and exceedingly good complementary would be both valerian root or melatonin.

3. Relax to soft, calming music.

As an complementary to sleep, or certainly in accumulation to sleeping, try listening to soft, peaceful music in first choice to examination the in-flight movies. Even better; try some form of gentle contemplation or entertainment exercises. This will not only help cut down the personal property of jet lag, but will also help avow a customary level of blood bully and good flow during a long flight.

4. Make certain that you take some exercise.

Although it can be tempting to stay in your seat all the way through the flight, receiving up from time to time and strolling about the cabin will refresh your body and promote both mental and brute activity. Some light exercise, above all for your legs, will also help avert the leeway of deep vein thrombosis - clots forming in the legs.

5 Keep physically well hydrated.

The false ecosystem fashioned in the aircraft cabin by both pressurization and enforced airing can lead to lack of fluids and so it is awfully critical that you avow your fluid levels. Drink abundance of water or fruit juice, but avoid tea and chocolate and other caffeinated drinks. You be supposed to also avoid effervescent drinks and alcohol.

One part of the cloak-and-dagger to incoming refreshed at your destination after a long departure is to guarantee that you take the occasion to rest and relax all through the escape and that you avoid stimulants. Charming the austere steps outlined here will definitely go a long way towards preventing jet lag.

Copyright 2005 Donald Saunders

Donald Saunders is the biographer of a add up to of physical condition associated publications on the area under discussion of coping with insomnia and overcoming jet lag. Drop by his website today and pick up your free copy of "How To Get A Good Night's Sleep".


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